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As you may have read in my Christmas Recap, we visited Mt. Matt on New Years day. Following is the story of what we found there.

We had heard from our neighbors that there was some destruction from the Snowpocalypse they had experienced in mid-December. We wanted to see what happened. We took reikimaster and thunder24 with us and lerg and his girlfriend, E, were going to meet us up there. As we drove up the road to our land, we saw all the trees that had been down in the road. Luckily, the power company had cut them out of the way when they went up to fix the lines for our two sets of neighbors. When we got up to the barn we saw a pretty large tree leaning against it. Several trees were down by the barn. While we liked those trees, this does present an opportunity to clear out some flat spaces. We can also cut the wood and let it cure for an eventual Cord Wood Masonry building. Plus, firewood! However, we do have to build a new enclosure for the oudoor shower deck.

After inspecting the barn area, we went up to the Tumbleweed House, which was completely unharmed. As our neighbor said in a message to me, "Tiny Tumbleweed Weathered the storm beautifully." It didn't even look like it had snow inside. We had left some things on a table under a canopy tent, and that was the only casualty, which we expected. We cleaned up the tent parts and put the tools under the house instead. The only real problem was a rusty blade in the power saw - which we can easily replace. After our friends helped us clean up the work site, we headed back down and checked out things inside the barn. We turned on the generator to make sure it was still in working order and we tried to start the ATV, but it wasn't digging it. Shouldn't be anything too difficult to fix.

Matt and I want to go check in on our neighbors since they hadn't had power for 8 days and we wanted to see how they were doing. Our friends all took off in search of coffee while we drove down to the neighbor's house. We talked to her for a bit and found out how they survived. We also met their brand new kitten, who was super cute and quite playful. I would have put him in my pocket, but that wouldn't have been very nice. Also, our neighbor knitted me a scarf! It is really pretty - blue and brown. She told me she didn't have power for 8 days so she spent a lot of time knitting.

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